Skiing season has started! Well, don’t know what about you but I started it this Saturday 🙂 I call this ‘using advantages of living in Switzerland 100%’ 🙂

I didn’t allow myself to ski for many years. Yes, because of injuries. Or better to say in order not to get injuries. We all know that very often athletes get injuries not while doing their sport but while doing other activities and sports not related to their discipline. So I was always very careful. And before coming to Switzerland skiing was in my must do list No1 🙂 well even in top 5 for sure 🙂

So when you get up at 7 am on Saturday, gym opens just at 9 am, you want to move, weather is too cold to run (I’m never running outside when temperature is below 0), you check skiing resorts that are not too far and slopes are opened for the first day this season! What do you do? Find your skiing stuff and leave home in half hour 😀

Winter started! And winter has its advantages. Ok, not cold weather, I don’t like it and 5 sweaters don’t help me. But skiing is still one of best things in winter 🙂

P.S. Where? Villars.

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