End of the year. Looks like it’s the best time to remember what was achieved. And.. what was not 🙂 This year was really impressive. Many new opportunities appeared, many karate events visited. Competitions, camps, TV show.. All what I saw, visited and experienced in the next post in a few days. Now something more official. Not numbers, but something more similar to this – competitions, results and awards 🙂

First big event in 2016 for us was Lithuanian championship in February. I took part only in kata competition. This happens time to time for me 🙂 This year I made a decision to look at the action from the side. Why? No World championship this year. This happens every second year. So it is harder to find motivation 🙂 Maybe not for everyone, but for me for sure. I need to recover, to make myself motivated, to miss all that action. So kata was ok, 1st place. Kumite? Interesting event to look from the side and possibility to congratulate others 🙂

Next big step – European championship in Tbilisi, Georgia. Kata – lost 🙂 Kumite – again had a possibility to be a part of the audience 🙂 New categories, Lithuanians did a great job as always, was happy for them. No victories from my country in my category, however, nice fights of Hungerian, Spanish, Polish girls. As always had that feeling “Those girls fight so strong, do my fights also look like this?!” 😀

One more challenge in June. European championship organised by KWU in Belgrad. This time I was there too. I was on tatami. Strange feeling after a break, but result was ok – European champion. At the begining of the year didn’t expect to have any tournament. So not a bad result at all could say 🙂 What is more, I got a special awards for best technique. This made my smile even bigger 🙂

Anything else? No. Enough. Title of European champion and Lithuanian kata champion was really enough to get few awards at the end of the year. No1 in TOP10 of best fighters of our dojo. No3 in awards of best Lithuanian kyokushin karate federation female fighters. And award for proclaiming karate in Lithuanian media. Well, this fits better for next post 🙂

Camps, all competitions I visited, other events will be in the next post. I had possibility to be everywhere this year. Why it is needed? I call all this action “extra motivation” 🙂 Motivation for next year which will be quite busy. Well, if successful in each step.

Photos by pufasfoto.lt, Algimantas Barzdzius

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