KWU World championship in weight categories. 2 days, many great fights and amazing atmosphere.
I am sure those who are interested in karate know results by heart 🙂 One very important fact for me and Lithuanian team – our small country proved again that we are one of the strongest kyokushin karate countries in the world! 2nd place in team rankings. Proud!
While impressions are very fresh and I just came back, wanted to share few thoughts about event. And.. say some compliments 🙂 Saturday was a hard day. Many fights and just two people in each category at the end of the day, two finalists who had to get ready for the next day.
Sunday. The big day. I heard some gossips that we will see something impressive. Honestly, I didn’t expect “impressive” to be so IMPRESSIVE! 🙂 I have never seen such opening ceremony in any of our World championships. To tell you the truth, I have never seen such opening ceremony in any martial arts event! It was super professional and beautiful. It was unreal! Show, music, set-up, everything was of highest level. I was proud to sit and be part of this celebration. Each athlete could feel special before every final as well. Great job! And again “great” is way too weak word for what we saw 🙂

What is more, I had a possibility in my life to be in both positions during opening ceremony – an athlete and a part of audience. And in both cases there was always one least interesting part.. Speeches! This was skipped here and that was so good! Being an athlete and listening to long speeches is not the best activity you can think of before your final 🙂 while audience doesn’t miss this part as well 🙂 Perfect decision this time!
None of us is perfect and I guess there are no events that have 0 mistakes. However, when you start so good, both audience and athletes can be not so strict about some other small moments 🙂 More such great starts please! 🙂



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