Some of us love meat, others enjoy fish or seafood. It is popular to be vegetarian or vegan (or better to say it was a fashion few years ago). I am not a meat lover, but I am in love with sweets. And crazy about few of them. I laugh sometimes at those who are crazy about some brand or name.. But I am one of those 😀 I admit,  I am crazy about Laduree 🙂

Yes yes, I heard many times “you ar an athlete, you have to eat healthy food” or “sugar is what kills us”.. Ok, but we must have something what makes us happy 🙂 So this is it. If Laduree is in the city where I am at that moment, so I am there for sure. Great time and amazing desert is guaranteed. Smile on the face too 🙂

I was just scrolling my pictures and noticed too many pics from Laduree in different cities.. Just few of them below 😀 Bon appetit!

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