Lithuanian summer camp is still in process 🙂 First week was for children, second – for cadets and this week – time for juniors and adults. This year we have around 650 people. Big event which is held every year. Many trainings, seminars, kyu and dan examinations at the end of the camp, experienced coaches, guests.

This is not a camp for national team, so everyone has different goals 🙂 Pass kyu or dan grading, meet other karatekas, get some new knoledge or just have active holidays 🙂
Some pictures below, but I want to mention something what I sometimes love in the camps. And this is not 100% about sports 🙂
We had a great knife training with Rytis Jakaitis. He showed some really interesting things and techniques. But I love when in our karate world we meet such charismatic people, experienced businessman like Rytis. It is more about listening to motivational and inspirational speaker and gaining knowledge how to be the leader 🙂 The leader with knife in hand or without, it is not about this 🙂 Thank you!

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