I am always for new experiences in life. To feel something new is fun, interesting, sometimes even really useful :)) ok, not sometimes, often 😉
Due to the fact that time to time I skip Lithuanian championships (oops) I am a spectator there. Sometimes it’s good just to look at fights from side. Strange but useful 🙂
In order to have a little more action than just watching and discusing I was also invited to comment competitions on live translations few times. With professional, TV star, TV host, TV production company co-owner and owner of black belt in kyokushin Kristupas Krivickas 🙂 I don’t know if I did this job ok. But this was so interesting! Was I afraid? No, I love talking :)) This was just different and made me understand something:
1. This is not as easy as it looks like 🙂
2. I am not angry on commentators on live translations anymore if the say something “strange”
3. Not to use our slang that we use with karatekas is not an easy task
4. To be impartial is absolutely necessary. What is strange 🙂
5. Watch, listen to your colleague, speak, check information and lists of competitors, etc – everything has to be done at the same time 🙂
6. Some things and rules have to be explained in simple way, few words and very fast. Be ready.
7. This experience is useful for the fighter!
8. If memory is not too good, check what was achieved by participants in last few years :))
9. Don’t try to be more clever than you are 🙂 This rule fits everywhere
10. Enjoy! 🙂


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