Stereotypes? Strange thing. Yes, they help us to form opinion about something in advance. I know that usually they are not from nowhere. But world changes, so many stereotypes should change too 🙂
I am talking about one which is very popular in karate world. The one related with girls and women. I guess many girls in karate world heard and many men said this or similar phrase “oh, we thought that karate girls look different” 🙂 That “different” means that the stereotype of karate girl is manlike, big (I mean not weight or height, but in general), with no manicure and pedicure, the one who doesn’t know what ‘make-up’ means, etc.

Can I ask to forget this? 🙂 Check photos from competitons or camps and you will understand that this stereotype is exception, not a rule at all. Check photos from sayonara parties and you will doubt even more 🙂 Yes, it happens that we meet some girls in competitions and … (Let’s leave it like this in order no one feels bad). But this happens soooo rarely! Most girls are very pretty, some really beautiful! I will not say that all of them could be models 🙂 Maybe no, for us those standarts are too “skinny”. But karate girls are not related with those “manlike” stereotypes 🙂
Let me inform you, that standarts are changed, we did that! :))

P.S. I respect all fighters, I respect their hard work, their chosen path, their wins and losses. Everything what is related with all people in karate. I believe that all people are beautiful. Just don’t forget this! Show this! 🙂 This is just about Stereotypes. About the Stereotype which is not right. Which is changed 🙂 Smile and be happy, not angry, people! 😉

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