Karate is so important in my life and means so much for me that I’m often missing words to explain this. I think we all time to time look at some photos from some events, celebrations, holidays or just everyday life. I was scrolling my camera roll and found pictures from Japan. From camp in Chiba of Lithuanian team before World championship. I want to share some moments here but this is that time when I miss words because it’s so important for me ☺️

World championship is our Olympics. However that one week camp before is always so amazing too. That week is the biggest fight – fight with yourself. We have trainings, we laugh, we spend time with team, have meetings, stay alone, but most important – we try to become champions. Because we know that we become champions in our heads firstly 😉 Chiba and few moments that I love so much (this time year 2015, not 2011 😄) 😉



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