Any better time to write a post about the news that and Modestas Krukauskas shared few days ago than on the way from European championship? 🙂 I guess will never ever have a better mood for that 🙂 Posted few days later but written while waiting for delayed flights 😀

So Modestas shared some news about my graduation and one more decision. Yes, I ended my career as an athlete 🙂 Honestly, I feel that this was done more than one year ago when I moved to Switzerland. But fair enough – it was not official and maybe some people still expected that I will compete. No 🙂 I love this sport and karate idea so so much but the day when you have to stop finally comes 🙂 For sure I am not dissapearing from karate world at all, just not competing anymore. 

Reasons? Firstly, even if I wanted to continue my career, I would need my coach (Paulius Klapatauskas!) and my team. It’s not in Switzerland. Secondly, I have that feeling inside that this was good time to stop because of other doors that I can open. What is more, sounds funny but I’m not 20 anymore 😄 I can continue with a long list such as injuries, motivation, professional career or just the feeling that it is enough. But fact is fact 🙂 

I am proud that I managed to become 6 times European champion, 2 times bronze medal winner, silver in kata, won 3rd place in World championship and reached top 8 in open weight World championship. These results are just about adults. The list would be much longer with Junior and Youth European champion titles and prizes, international or Lithuanian tournaments..

Have to say one more thing to those who ask what I lost because of being an athlete. I always have one answer – no loses. Sport gave me so much. Character, people, friends, amazing opportunities and so many interesting projects. Oh, the best feeling of being 1st and working crazy hard for that too 🙂 So those who ask if I regret making the choice to be an athlete, be sure, I am super happy about it 🙂 Wish everyone had such an interesting life.

And.. sorry but have to do that ‘beauty contest’ stuff and mention some people 😄 Firstly Paulius Klapatauskas for sure. Thank you!!! You were always the best! We worked crazy hard and I hope I wasn’t as bad as I think I was 😄 you believed in me and I trusted you. That’s the perfect combination 🙂 And for sure we had great time! Lots of it!

Have to mention parents too. I can’t say they were strongly against me being an athlete.. Let’s keep it in this way ‘they didn’t understand what I was doing with my life’ 😄 But that’s why I am very grateful and this was the reason why I had huge motivation to prove that it is worth, to win all those titles and do many other things next to sports career. I think after 24 years they finally understand that it was not so bad but.. still are very happy that I am not competing anymore 😀

Romas Vitkauskas, Vidmantas Poskaitis, Aleksej Svesnikov, you always knew when to say the needed word. Or say nothing 🙂 Doctors (you are the best!!!), colleagues, training partners, all others from the team!  Margarita Ciuplyte, for being and idol when I was a teenager and very good friend after! Ruta Brazdzionyte, for being such a good friend and best roommate 😄  All girls for proving each year what a strong, smart and beautiful team we have (Copyrights Romas Vitkauskas) 😄 Have to mention my boxing coach too! And my muay thai coach Zydrunas Jasiunas for sure, he gave me so much! Well looks like I can never stop..😄 ok, bro, big thanks goes to you for the pictures too 😄 

Karate is a passion, idea and it’s for life 😉 So story to be continued 😉

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