Many people think that athletes are so happy because they travel so much and visit so many places πŸ™‚ While sports people usually have an answer “we see just hotel and sports hall”. Ok, sometimes more than that if they have a day-off after tournament. However, the best part is this – when we go on holidays, we choose more popular places, when we go to competitions, we can’t choose so we visit those places that wouldn’t be in top10 list πŸ™‚

Astana was the City this year for karatekas. And I guess the one that wouldn’t be in that top10 list. And you know what was my thought after this trip? That it is so interesting to visit those places that aren’t in this top πŸ™‚ Sometimes even more interesting than those more standard ones.

Had not so much time for sightseeing, however, could spend some time for this. So what are my impressions about the city of WC2017? Check πŸ™‚ First part of pictures are here. While I am pushing my brother about the second part, that professional one from πŸ™‚


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