One more weekend and one more big event! The 5th KWU Youth World Championship in Varna, Bulgaria. Huge event with almost 700 competitors from 33 countries and different organizations. Big pleasure to be here and enjoy the fights of these growing future superstars! 🙂 I am sure some of them soon will be on podiums of highest level adults tournaments 🙂
Saturday was the day of qualification fights. Yeah, long day with many interesting fights. According to the plan some more fights had to be done. But we all know that plans can be changed 🙂 And in my opinion it is great that more children have possibility to enjoy the second day of this tournament. This has to be celebration for them, not hard work! And I am sure it is now 🙂
Sunday – the day of quarter finals, semi-finals, opening ceremony and finals. Interesting day! According to what I have already seen, we can expect some amazing fights of fighters with such technique that can be rarely seen in adults competitions!
More impressions will be posted after everything will come to an end. However, I already have few 🙂 First one? Yeah, I am not used to full contact fights in children competitions. All technique, no exceptions for 16-17 years old fighters, just few for youngers. No big body protections. And? And really interesting fights! Those young fighters are the ones that are not afraid to try something new, something what can look too risky for experienced adult, something what looks “wow” for audience. So if anyone can say that it is not interesting to watch fights of youngsters – please, do that, you will change your opinion 🙂 Well, ok, sometimes it looks a little dangerous 🙂 But no big injuries until now 🙂
So let’s keep looking! Enjoy the event!

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