So so so, let’s come back to impressions about weekend! 🙂 Biggest THANK YOU, Danish federation 🙂 You organized a great tournament, it was for sure a big celebration to everyone – fighters, representatives, audience!

I guess it would be very hard to think of something what was bad or even average in the championship from organizers side 🙂 Firstly, everything according to the schedule! I am so happy every time when organizers understand how important for fighters and teams it is to start on time, to have transfers on time, to see on the screen when you are having your fight and so on. Sports hall? Great. Well, ok, could be more space or special zone for warming up 🙂 But it’s just a detail. Official hotel, all procedures before tournament (weight control and others) – everything perfect. Even sayonara party! 😀

So compliments to organizers said 🙂 Now – prize winners. Congratulations to all of them! As always everyone tried to do their best. Some were more successful and better, others did worse. But we had many good fights.

Some impressions? Not so many Lithuanian champions in women division this year. However, someone was talking about jumping Lithuanians.. I wish every country to jump so high on the podium every year 🙂 Lithuania has one woman champion and she is Daiva Krisciuniene in -50 kg category. She came back on tatami after more than 10 years and.. she became European champion, beated all girls without any doubts, all fights ended in main time. Good job! Violeta Litovska was a leader in this category, however, she lost in quarterfinal against other Lithuanian. I warned that Lithuanians in this category will be tough task 🙂 Polish did good job too! / 1. Daiva Krisciuniene, Lithuania 2. Sandra Nowak, Poland 3. Erika Zeburtovic, Lithuania, Monika Podora, Poland

Podium of the next category was taken by 2 countries too – Hungary and Lithuania. Congrats to Zsofia Szabo who became champion again! And to Veronika Nemeth, who was 3rd last year and this time managed to get a ticket to World championship in Astana. While I want to say big thanks to Isis Pinilla for a very long and crazy hard fight in quarter final 🙂 Diana, congrats to you too! / 1.Zsofia Szabo, Hungary 2. Veronika Nemeth, Hungary 3. Rita Pivoriunaite, Lithuania, Diana Maciute, Lithuania

-60 kg.. I knew two girls here who didn’t have ticket to World championship and were worth it – Ruta Brazdzionyte and Marta Lubos. They met in semi final. Final? Lithuanian and Romanian. Romanian was really very good. But final was strange. Sorry, but not only me – many representatives of different countries, many referees who were next to the tatami didn’t understand what happened after third extension. Dear referees, please watch the third extension now 🙂 / 1. Andrea Merca, Romania 2. Ruta Brazdzionyte, Lithuania 3. Marta Lubos, Poland, Ivanka Deleva, Bulgaria

The last category. We expected to see Viviana Chirila here because she was in the list. However, she didn’t come and on the highest step of the podium we saw Swedish who had a tough final with our young Lithuanian Monika Ryzkovaite. I guess she was a big surprise to everyone. / 1. Sara Hagge, Sweden 2. Monika Ryzkovaite, Lithuania 3. Diana Balsyte, Lithuania, Aiala Garcia, Spain

I am happy that in 4 men categories we do have 2 champions! However, none of them in light weight 🙂 -65 kg was most successful category for Azerbaijan, so my biggest congratulations! Category with strong fighters and tough fights. / 1. Emin Ismayilli, Azerbaijan 2. Konrad Kozubowski, Poland 3. Karczub Zalan, Hungary, Valeh Jafarov, Azerbaijan

While in the next category I can congratulate Andrius Miseckas! Great fighter who was on podium for many years and was really worth to become a champion! However, Georgians also did good job and had 2 fighters in Top4 list. / 1. Andrius Miseckas, Lithuania 2. Mikheil Tsiklauri, Georgia 3. Tengiz Bastoiani, Georgia, George Suciu, Romania

-85 kg this time was popular and discussed from many aspects.. But not about draws this time 🙂 About champions. Valdemaras Gudauskas was really amazing. He is a great fighter with technique that just few fighters ever had. Congrats, Valdemaras 🙂 He had a final with another kyokushin superstar – Marius Illas, another impressive fighter. While Lithuanians and Georgians were happy too to see their fighters with bronze medals. / 1. Valdemaras Gudauskas, Lithuania 2. Marius Illas, Romania 3. Levan Verulidze, Georgia, Vytautas Cepla, Lithuania

+85 kg is Valeri Dimitrov category. I think there weren’t many who expected not to see him in the final. However, things happen. But I was impressed by Maciej Mazur and heard many reviews from everyone that he was very very good this time. Real champion! / 1. Maciej Mazur, Poland 2. Brian Jakobsen, Denmark 3. Edgard Secinski, Lithuania, Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria

So? Now good luck to all of those who will compete in Astana! Do your best! 🙂

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