I was sure I will write something about food just if I find what I like abroad. Sorry, but I break my rule this time 🙂 I have an excuse – this is about Klaipeda, about the place which is by the sea and is associated with holidays for me :))
I always had some places I like in Klaipeda. However, I found one that I love. Great staff, delicious food, good menu, cute details and nice atmosphere.
Rene. It is different from others. It is stylish and modern 🙂 Stylish in the way I like – delicate and cozy. Staff asks your name (and even remembers it next time you come!!!), brings you cutlery in a personalized envelope (love this idea), gives you enough attention, but not too much and smiles (looks like naturally) :)) Food? My style 🙂 Maybe something a little too greasy, but depends on your taste 🙂 I have lots to order for mine there – scallops, mussels, salads 🙂 Even waffles for breakfast that I love and do not let myself often, believe me..:)) But they are so good here 🙂

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