What happens when you have two gyms just a minute from your home? Yeah, you go out from home and one is on your left and the other – on your right.. 😄 Good things happen! You just have to decide to which one you have to go in the morning and to which in the evening 😄 Problem No2. What to do when you bring many sets of sportswear from Lithuania but one becomes that TOP in your list? Bring 5 more same sets in order to wear them in all trainings? 😄 Ok, joke is joke, let’s be more serious 😉

Before coming to Switzerland I took care of my sportswear. This season my friend Audimas had some great choices and one of them became my favourite. To tell you the truth I was always afraid to wear seamless sportswear. Why? Honestly, imagined that it is not so comfortable and not so good looking. Have I changed my opinion? Oh yeah. Consultant in the shop had to convince me to try it 🙂 and now it is my favourite piece for sure. Most comfortable, really high quality and.. yeah, good looking 🙂 contrary to what I imagined.

More specific features? Materials used for seamless pieces are much better in moisture and perspiration management. Those who do sports know how important this is. Body support in needed areas. No women can dissagree that this is very important 🙂 Very pleasant in contact with the skin. Hygiene and comfort are super important features. As much as sustainability – we always prefer sportswear that can be used for a long time and after many washings remains the same 🙂 Believe me, now I understand 100% why seamless sportswear becomes more and more popular.

When you do many trainings you have to wear high quality pieces on you. We know that. And it is much nicier to wear something what is both of highest quality and best design 🙂


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