I love traveling. And I’m in love with food 🙂 Ok, I’m even in bigger love with sports, but now not about this 🙂  I am one of those who can give a lot for delicious dish or amazing, even very short trip 🙂

I promise that time to time I will post something related to traveling. I promise this for myself 🙂 I really doubt that these posts will be about amazing unknown places 🙂 This is what I cannot promise even for myself 🙂 But about something I loved, about my experience, my opinion. About something I like and notice. About vacations, about competitions and camps.

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I know I will write about the places I tasted something nice, not neccessarily something very “posh” or unusual 🙂 Maybe simple, just tasty 🙂 What I can say in advance – maybe not extremely healthy. Something what loves ordinary people, not fitness professionals (I’m not one of them) 🙂 Someone can say that I’m from sports world, I have to eat just very healthy food and be on strict diet. Sorry guys and girls, I eat healthy enough, but I love the life I live and one very important ingredient of this is good food 😉

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So..  I keep my promises 😉

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