To be standard or not standard? I guess one dojo in Lithuania made a choice to be not standard 🙂 On Saturday Lukas Kubilius, the president of kyokushin karate school Shodan, proved again that there are no limits.

Where do we usually have examinations for belts? Or any other big events of karate or any other sport? Sports arena, stadium, club. Well ok, we can think of a park, sometimes a square of the city. What about holding an event at the airport? Yes, runway of airport. Any better way to make the event more memorable? To make a huge celebration for athletes, friends and families? For 400 karatekas and all guests? Not easy to imagine a better way to do that. That’s how it should be. Not standard and more interesting 🙂 Congrats again for being original! I strongly believe that this is one of the reasons why karate is so big and strong in Lithuania 🙂

Take a look what a nice day it was!

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