People believe in many things. One of those I do believe in is power of thoughts. What you think, you become. What you believe you can do, you can.
This time one story is needed to be told. 2010 European championship, Spain. Flight. Me and World champion, my good friend Margarita Ciuplyte were sitting together. For already few months I tried to make myself think that I will win 2 gold medals (kata and kumite) 🙂 I was never European champion before 🙂 brave wish in such situation 🙂 So we were talking with Margarita. I told her my wish. She told me her wish. Her wish to become European champion again and get award as best female fighter. We both believed in this so strong! 🙂
We came to Logrono. After a training we had a walk. In the middle of street the bird ‘did the job’ on me. On my tracksuit of national team. On coat of arms. Not nice experience.. But in Lithuania it is said that this is a sign of luck. 🙂
Competition day. Morning – gold medal in kata. Day time – gold medal in kumite. Margarita – gold medal in kumite and award for best technique.
Power of your thoughts? I do believe in this. Honestly 🙂 And strongly 🙂
The pre-history? I loved reading those motivational books but still most of them looked a little stupid for me. Those rules, those bullets do that or that looked strange. However, one book was much more influential for me. About power of thoughts. You have to believe in what you want. You have to believe so strong that something inside you just makes your body and mind do and achieve what you want 🙂 And make everything around happen in the way you reach your goal 🙂 I still believe in this 🙂

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