Sports, karate, tournaments.. Somehow other pleasures of life were forgotten here 🙂 While almost everyone who knows me are aware of one weakness that I have.. What is it? Sweets 🙂

Few weeks ago I had a perfect weekend trip to Paris. All monuments and most famous places were visited, many small cozy streets walked all over. I can tick in the must-do list onion soup, Laduree deserts and macaroons, one of the most famous cafe Angelina and many other places and things. It’s a sin not to try different sweets in a country that has so many crazy delicious of them 🙂 And this time I found something more to my favourites list, something what I loved and enjoyed.. And for sure tried in many places – Madeleine 🙂

I knew this sweet for a very long time, tried it few times in different places but I guess the places were not the right ones 🙂 I am happy that this time I was so lucky about these small cakes. I have even asked for some details about this lovely sweet.. History of Madeleine started in northeastern France quite long ago – in 18th century. It has a cute shell-like shape, traditional recipes usually include almonds, however, there are some variations. But it is such a lovely sweet if it is from a right place 🙂 Even my mom, who is not a sweet lover, liked them! 🙂

I have tried quite many and just a few were photographed.. Some were eaten too fast 🙂 However, I found some soooo delicious places.. One of those I loved the most – Pâtisserie Gilles Marchal ( Small place with many different lovely looking sweets, cakes and for sure madeleines of different tastes.. Those who will be around – visit this place 🙂

Some others are in photos 🙂

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