We often have some goals that are quite long in our minds but it takes some time until we start taking big steps to achieve them. Why? I guess because they are quite big and challenging 🙂 Or even we imagine them as big and challenging 🙂 Starting something new, joining new community, going abroad for longer time is always considered a smaller or bigger challenge for most of us. So not long ago I was congratulated for joining something what I was thinking of for a long time.

Due to the fact that Lithuanian media has already announced this, I guess it’s ok if I do that too 🙂 I was lucky one and my application for the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology was accepted. So looks like at the end of September I will be a student again 🙂 A student of MAS in Sport Administration that is ranked No1 in the world in this field with its interesting programme, different lecturers, great contacts. A student of a programme that is endorsed by the International Olympic Committee. The first Lithuanian there. And so on..  Sounds not bad 🙂

But firstly.. European championship in Denmark, Roskilde on 8-9th April. Yeah, just few days left 🙂

Lithuanian media about my news 🙂 :




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