Just in few days we are having a big karate event. European kyokushin karate championship of different age groups. Cadets, U22 and adults will do their best and be awarded. We are going to have many European champions. However, there is one “but”. The one which, in my opinion, should be considered by coaches 🙂
Let’s start from the other side – we all know quite many situations, when a teenager becomes winner of European cadets champioship and he or she stops competing. I guess we know even more cases when the biggest goal of the young karateka is to become European champion of junior or U22 competition and he or she decides that everything in karate path is already done. Why this happens? They are called European champions. What sounds really serious. Their coaches let them feel that they are real European champions. That they reached everything. So why to go further?
I am very happy for those who win cadets, juniors or U22 European championships. Strong and motivated karatekas. Great start of their karate path. I always hope that this is good motivation for them to set goals to become European champions. I mean those in adults 🙂 That’s why I always think that coach must make his student understand that becoming a champion of cadets, juniors and U22 is the begining of this great path. This is motivation. This is something what can lead to European or World championships podiums. Young fighters should understand that these victories are the begining of their long karate path. These are not the final goals. And coaches should help them understand that. How? Firstly even to call their victories in the way they should be called – with added age group to the title 🙂 Let’s be honest. European cadets champion is not European champion 🙂 While my biggest congratulations to all who will reach their first big goals! 😉
I know that many fighters don’t count their victories in juniors or U22. They know how many times they became European champions in adults competition. While those previous victories in other age groups were great and very important experience.
So my biggest wish – to do your best, reach your goals and set new, bigger goals after these are reached! Don’t stop in the half way! 🙂


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