Summary of last week? In a very short way – SEMOS. Explanation needed? 🙂 Sports event management and organisation seminar. Venue management, security, transport, accreditation, technology, ticketing, sponsorship and other topics. 5 days, 14 speakers from different organisations and countries with amazing experiences in their fields.

I will not start to talk about main points of every session, don’t worry 🙂 Even if some speakers were really amazing, charismatic or experienced and could present their topics (some could be really boring) in such a great way. I will mention Mario Medeiros Azevedo, Adrian Corcoran, Paul Williamson, professor Philippe Bovy.. Not so good that I started doing that because cannot forget to say a nice word to Cyrille Jacobsen, Colleen Orsmond and other speakers 🙂

One more? I promise, this is the last name. However, he gave us a great idea how to deal with some people easier at job or any other environment. Paul Caccamo (Founder and CEO of UP2US Sports) shared with us an idea how to group people. So.. Are you product, process or people person? Do you concentrate on how, what or who? You like to get it done or you enjoy the process of doing? You love rules? Or maybe you forget to say “Hi” in your e-mails? 🙂 Think about that. Maybe it will help you to communicate with others and understand their decisions or time they dedicate to the process 🙂 So who are you? I told my colleague Nacho in a second that I am 100% product.. 🙂

Have a nice week! Product people, reach you goals! Process – enjoy! And people – smile and take care of others even more! 🙂

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