One call, quick yes and next week I am already in Lithuania for few days. Lukas Kubilius, thank you again for unexpected and amazing trip back home 🙂 Reason? 10th anniversary of kyokushin karate school Shodan and awards for best fighters of 2017. Why I was there? I had an honour of hosting this great event together with Kristupas Krivickas, professional who doesn’t say no and agrees to accept me as a colleague during karate awards for last few years 🙂

Svyturio arena, the biggest one in Klaipeda, almost 2000 athletes, guests, parents and friends, one of the most famous young singer Beatrich (for those who don’t know – Superstar), amazing atmosphere, lots of young motivated karatekas in one place. I should mention great coaches as well and one of the best manager (sorry Lukas, have to call you like this, can mention president, coach, ideas generator too) Lukas Kubilius. I guess it’s much better to check some photos and watch a video in order to see what was our Friday evening about 🙂


Photos by Algirdas Deringis and Algimantas Barzdzius

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