Last Sunday (11/11) in Kedainiai our karate dojo SHODAN was competing for the champion’s title in LITHUANIAN JUNIORS’ CUP. The tournament had over 780 participants from 45 dojos of Lithuania.

Well, great news! SHODAN dojo took 1st place as a team and sustained champion’s title for the 11th year in a row! Big congratulations to the fighters and their coaches!

As my coach, Lukas Kubilius said on his Facebook post:

“Our team- is our pride! We have the most awesome and the strongest juniors’ team in Lithuania! Moreover, our coaches are the best too! For us, as coaches, the most pleasing thing to see is not only the awards our students won, but their development, physical and mental improvement, and their dedication to accept challenges!”

To sum up the results of the tournament:

14 Golden medals

22 Silver medals

57 Bronze medals

Great results, huh?!

In the end, I would like to mention the best quotes mentioned by SHODAN coaches. You might find some of them to be very motivating!

“Girls, do not underestimate yourself, you’re not inferior, the belt rank does not show anything.” Lukas Kubilius

“You have to be friends after the fight, but during the fight you stand for yourself.” Lukas Kubilius

 “The more work you put in, the more victories you will earn.” Lukas Kubilius

“Don’t worry about the result, just do your job and that’s it.” Gabrielius Stanevicius

Here’s the video, enjoy! (English subtitles available)

Photography by Algimantas Barzdzius

Photography by Algimantas Barzdzius


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