Weight loss 🙂 Popular topic I can say. Discussed almost every day with someone from different points of view. Sports, diets, more sports and then more different diets 🙂 This time not about sports. We know this is a necessity to be fit and feel ok, won’t say this for hundred first time 🙂 This time about something what becomes very popular.
We can call this diet, we can call this fasting. I am not a doctor, I don’t say this is very healthy or something 🙂 I don’t even say you must try it 🙂 I just can say that I know some people who do that and they loose weight. They loose much weight. In a hard way? Oh no, not at all. I tried so many different diets in my life to fit in my category 🙂 This is an easy one 🙂
Fasting. 16:8 – 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating every day. Your choice when to do that. For example 8 pm to 12 noon fasting and then 8 hours of eating. Time can be different. Just no cheating. If you are fasting, you drink water and tea – no food. If you are eating, you don’t loose your mind too 🙂 Normal and healthy food. You can check for more details about intermittent fasting, quite much information now. Quite many examples in different websites how it works and what are the results. I saw results on some people. Very obvious results 🙂
Kind of P.S. 🙂 I always had to loose weight to be -55kg. Now I fit into this category without loosing any single kg 🙂 How? Naturally happened that I started doing what I just talked about 🙂 I can’t eat before trainings. So my morning starts without breakfast. I can’t eat just after training too. So the first time I have something is around 1 pm. Usually the last time I have something after evening training is not later than 9 pm. Sometimes even much earlier. So I fit into 16:8. And it works 🙂


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