Well, well, well… Counting last days until one of the most important event in a karate fighters’ world − the European championship. On Saturday, November 24 in Budapest, the best fighters in Europe are going to compete for a ticket to participate in the World championship, which is held in Tokyo in 2019. This is equally important as Olympics, just in karate, specifically Kyokushin style. The European championship will be divided only into two categories: men and women. This means no weight categories. Lightweights should have lots of fun there 😉

I strongly believe that the preparation process took months or even years to all the elite fighters of Europe. As for my team, I would say that we worked very hard, all of us are very motivated, and we hope for the stroke of luck!

This time SHODAN team represents 4 adult fighters. Here’s a little bit more about us:

Eventas Guzauskas:

Monika Ryzkovaite:

  • 3 Times European Champion

Erika Ruksenaite:

  • European Championship 3rd place

Skaiste Venckute (me):

  • 5 Times European Champion
  • Best Female Fighter 2018
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