Many (I mean really MANY) people and very often ask what I do every day and how my usual day looks like.. Some of them imagine that I am only doing sports all day long, others think that I don’t have what to do and I have almost only free time because they understand professional sports as 3 trainings a week :))

imageSo.. Ye, I am training more that 3 times a week 🙂 And between trainings I am working too 🙂 How it goes? Without long explanations – usually I have 2 trainings a day except weekend. I have morning trainings and evening trainings. Time between trainings is for work. I am happy that my work is also related to sports. Sports and sales 🙂 And many other things that I have to do 🙂 Smiling and having fun is in the must do list too 🙂

I am ambassador of “6-Directions” sliders in Baltic States, CIS, Poland and some other countries. Sales, presentations, seminars, e-mails, etc. And sometimes some recordings where we not only keep serious faces, but have some fun too 🙂 We had one few days ago and here are some moments.

image image

Good job, isn’t it? :))


P.S. Have you noticed that karate stuff and kyokushin is even here :)) It’s everywhere in my life!

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