Karate is not only about kumite (fighting), it’s about kata (technique) too. Yeah, in full contact karate kata is not a very popular discipline, but situation is getting better and better 🙂

Lithuanian kyokushin karate championship was held on saturday. All age groups gathered in one place. It was a big celebration for the youngest karatekas and an important event, selection for European championship for adults, juniors and cadets.

No big news in women category – Diana Maciute and me are in the final for many years and this was not an exception. And congratulations to Diana this time 🙂

Men? Raimundas Paskauskas was the best kata performer not only in Lithuania but also in Europe for many years. However, he was not on tatami and young guys could reach the highest step on the podium this time.

Results of adults, juniors and cadets


  1. Gintas Gervelis (Kariai)
  2. Paulius Sasnauskas (Okinava)
  3. Kristijonas Valančiūnas (Takas)


  1. Diana Maciute (Okinava)
  2. Rita Pivoriunaite (Saules Zenklas)
  3. Rima Lisinskaite (Okinava), Sandra Kringelyte (Kumite)

Boys Juniors

  1. Edvinas Kolmogorovas (Okinava)
  2. Matas Jonauskas (Shodan)
  3. Sergej Zemlianskij (Shodan), Osvaldas Milasius (Shodan)

Girls Juniors

  1. Goda Klapatauskaite (Saules Zenklas)
  2. Aine Jukneviciute (Takas)
  3. Ieva Budryte (Shodan), Benedikta Abaraviciute (Shodan)

Boys Cadets

  1. Matas Sasnauskas (Okinava)
  2. Aivaras Aleksandravicius (Kumite)
  3. Lukas Kalvaitis (Shodan), Dovydas Bertasius (Okinava)

Girls Cadets

  1. Viktorija Kopninaite (Shodan)
  2. Gintare Sedyte (Shodan)
  3. Justina Ramanauskaite (Shori), Ruta Vaicekauskaite (Okinava)
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