So again a little about AISTS life 🙂 And about our day trip before Easter holidays (yeah, feel like at school, we have Easter holidays! 😄). Thursday was all about UN and FIBA.

United Nations office at Geneva – guided tour might sound a little boring but was a very interesting part of the day. So beautiful! What else? 3 great speakers who shared their knowledge and very interesting insights! Jamil Chade, well-known Brazilian journalist, author and very charismatic person. Temo Waqaninivalu from WHO. Session was very interesting. However, if all of us had even half of his charisma, we would be the luckiest and most successful people on earth 😄 And Aziyadé Poltier-Mutal from UNOG who shared her amazing experience related to sponsorship and sports celebrities projects. Was really very interesting!

Next part? FIBA office. Didn’t spend too much time there but I was really excited to see quite many pieces with name LIETUVA. Not a common thing here in Switzerland 🙂 Basketball and Lithuania, strong connection 🙂 And two Lithuanians on Hall of Fame. Proud 🙂


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