Music. Looks like this is something important for athletes before competition. We can’t imagine many of them without headphones. Almost all are wearing them.
During big world class events this is even a good topic for journalists. Media announces that such superstars as Michael Phelps listens to Eminem, Young Jeezy and Eric Church, there are lists of songs of many other famous athletes which they listen before their biggest starts. And they have different tastes 🙂 Lil’ Wayne, 2Pac, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Eminem and many others.
Yeah, everyone has different “habbits” about music.
I do too 🙂 Music isn’t very important in my life. I listen to it when I’m driving the car, when I have morning running and when I get ready for fights on competition day 🙂 Ok, team camps are also in the list 🙂 Not too many occassions 🙂
I don’t care too much what I listen in the car or during running. Something popular, something not too calm and… no more criteries 🙂
Situation is completely different about music for competition day. And my situation is funny about this 🙂 Usually I have some playlist, but there is one song which is repeated for hundred times that day 🙂 Why? Because usually I have one song which associates with victory, with best emotions in karate, with someting what is so important in sports world.
Beyonce – Halo. Maybe strange “choice” 🙂 But I listened to this song since 2011 World championship in Japan for few years. Me and Margarita Ciuplyte can call this our song 🙂 Repeat repeat repeat 🙂 Best emotions, top-8 for me, final for Margarita, dream country Japan 🙂 So after this it was repeated for few years 🙂
Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS – Supergirl. Next song of World championship in Japan. 2015 autumn. Me and Ruta Brazdzionyte listened to this all the time in our room 🙂 I won 2016 European KWU championship with this song too. Repeated for so many times 🙂
Few more repeated ones for last years? Emeli Sande feat. Naughty Boy – Daddy. Song of World championship too 🙂 Alicia Keys – New York 🙂 Song of camps. Of national team camps 🙂 And all this hasn’t changed yet 🙂 Good things doesn’t change often 🙂 Good things which are related with best emotions 🙂


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