Margarita Ciuplyte. World champion, many times European and Lithuanian champion. She is karate superstar in Lithuania. She was the best Lithuanian kyokushin karate women fighter of all times. Yes, we did have two more champions many years ago, but let’s talk about these days 🙂
Margarita Ciuplyte was the icon in our kyokushin karate world, she was the best example for younger girls. The champion with amazing technique, unbelievable motivation, so calm and friendly person, always with the big smile on her face. And very pretty girl, I must mention this 🙂 This has to be P.S. but I will mention this now 🙂 I think she was the begining of the “pretty Lithuanian girls team” :)) I believe she started one good fashion in our team – “not only to fight good, but also to look good” 🙂 Thank you, Margarita, for this 🙂 You showed us, younger girls, that in a phrase “karate girl” the word GIRL is the first we have to care about 🙂

I knew Margarita since I was competing in cadets. She started karate very late – when she was 16 (she was a swimmer before). As soon as Margarita started competing in adults she was very good. She started winning all competitions. We could say she had a huge talent? Maybe. But I know how much she worked to show that talent. Karate, running, combinations, pads, power trainings and much much more was here routine. If she didn’t do that at some moment, she even tried to think and imagine how to improve all these skills.

When I was 18 years old I joined our national team. Since then Margarita and I became roommates, colleagues and what is most important – one of best friends. And I can say this – when you have next to you such amazing person, best fighter and even teacher, when you see such talented person and when you know how much she works to become a champion, you cannot just do sports 🙂 You want to be the best too 🙂
I think her influence was huge for me. I believe she influenced all Lithuanian kyokushin karate path of women team. Thank you, Margarita!

Photos by Ramune Cekuolyte,

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