New sportswear has special power 🙂 Sounds strange? Yeah, maybe, agree. But.. Please raise hands those who have never felt that good feeling in new nice leggings, t-shirt or sports shoes? That feeling like “looks like I can run longer”, “how is it that I feel better today”, “isn’t workout easier?” or something similar 🙂 Yeah! New sportswear has that magic power. And I can declare this here even if it sounds strange 😀


My friend “Audimas” gives me possibility to feel this magic feeling quite often in their beautiful and very comfortable sportswear. And what can be better than new collection, new colours, new models? 🙂 S/S17 collection is available now and I love it. Already have my TOP list 🙂 Blue colour, longer bras, wide sleeveless t-shirts. Check if you haven’t yet!

Yeah, we have Lithuanian brand that we can be proud of 😉

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