Time goes so fast! Just 6 weeks left and we will have one of the most important competitions – European championship in Copenhagen. The importance of this tournament is big this year because it is the last selection for World championship in Astana. So.. routine is routine, but we do have some special “events”. One of them was held this Saturday. What was it? Lithuanian national team camp 🙂

This time the main goal of the camp was to form the final team for Copenhagen. We do have one rule – Lithuanian champions in each category have a place in the team 100%. Second, third places and former champions are candidates to get second “ticket” in each category. So the final list was announced at the end of the day.

I can’t remember a camp of national team with sooo many fighters. It’s not only me who doesn’t remember 🙂 All of us, our “older generation fighters” don’t remember too 😀 This happened because of more weight categories in Lithuanian championship. Fighters who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Lithuanian championship, who achieved good results in previous European and World championships are always invited. So this time – no exceptions. Two trainings, some fights, meetings with national team coaches and final lists. Team is formed and we are continuing preparation. One more camp in few weeks and the big day in April 🙂

Lithuanian national team for European championship in Copenhagen:


-50 kg

Erika Žeburtovič

Daiva Kriščiūnienė

*Viktorija Dambrauskaitė, who won 2nd place in Lithuanian championship can’t compete in EC because of her studies. While other candidate Justina Šišaitė (2nd place winner in EC 2016) didn’t pass weight control in the camp for selective fight

-55 kg

Rita Pivoriūnaitė

Diana Mačiūtė

*No comments, old names 🙂

-60 kg

Rūta Brazdžionytė

Gabija Gudeliauskaitė

*The toughest category with 3 World level fighters, so Inga Mikštaitė is continuing her preparation for World championship in Astana

+60 kg

Monika Ryžkovaitė

Diana Balsytė

*The category that I will never call heavy weight 🙂 And the category where we cannot see one of the leaders in LT team – Nora Vaznelytė


-65 kg

Jonas Eimontas

Romualdas Auga

*Romualdas won 1st place in category -60kg in Lithuanian championship

-75 kg

Domas Sutkus

Andrius Miseckas

-85 kg

Valdemaras Gudauskas

Vytautas Cėpla

*Any stronger candidates for this category? Can’t even imagine. One very ambitious and with amazing technique. The other – so experienced and smart fighter. Good luck, guys!

+85 kg

Eventas Gužauskas

Edgard Sečinski

*Can I repeat something similar what was said before? 😀 European open weight champion and World TOP 8 fighter – impressive

Not a bad team, isn’t it? 🙂


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