Good leader is the key person in every organization. Yes, without good team even best leader can’t be productive, but good team without good leader is nothing. Any company, organization, federation is lucky if it has a good leader. I am in sports world all my life. And I am happy that I had possibility to grow up in a federation with very strong leaders.
To manage a big company is different. You can motivate your employees in many ways – from higher salary to membership of gym or any other “extra” 🙂 To manage a huge federation is completely different. To manage a huge non-Olympic federation is one more category 🙂 Ok, you don’t have to show bigger and bigger profits every year for shareholders 🙂 to sponsors? Well, it’s different, it is more about idea 🙂 But you are responsible for many clubs, coaches, athletes. You have to motivate them mostly with words said at time. Or some other attention shown when it is needed 🙂
Kyokushin karate federation in Lithuania is one of the biggest federation of all sports, included Olympic sports. Bigger than all other martial arts federations which are in Olympic sports list. What this means? I guess we all understand 🙂

We are huge organization and we all know very clear who are leaders in different fields. Firstly I want to mention one. Sometimes we are angry on him, sometimes happy to see him. Like father – so much emotions about him, but we understand that he wants just all the best for us 🙂 Romas Vitkauskas is THE LEADER. And I am very grateful for him. He is not only the leader in formal things. He also knows so well when to say a good word, when to make you a call and motivate, when to leave you just in the training process without any talks. Sometimes you even understand when you can expect a call. But each time I am surprised what a huge influence to your goals and motivation one person can do with few words 🙂
I hear time to time “rumours” from other federations how lucky we are 🙂 I guess some federations are jealous.. Well, ye, we are lucky 🙂 We are lucky that this person is in karate world.

One more person. Vidmantas Poskaitis is the president of Lithuanian kyokushin karate federation. He is the person who was responsible for judging system for many many years (I am sure it is so good just because of him). And he is the one who actively leads our federation now. He is the positive side, leader with a smile. Strict but encouraging. Fair. Constructive. The one you can talk with, discuss, ask. The one who loves jokes. But even jokes are always said at right time and right place. Thank you, Vidmantas! That “thank you” is sooo big 🙂
I have to talk about some other people too. But this time stay with these two. The two who care about all organization, all dojos, cities and activities. About karate in general.

P.S. I remember so well when I was around 15 years old and I “decided” not to fight anymore and to compete only in kata tournaments. I was telling this to Vidmantas so many times. And every time he was just laughing at me. Thank you, Vidmantas, that I didn’t get your support about this “amazing” idea :))

Photos by, Algimantas Barzdžius

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