I do believe that every team must have a leader. A leader from those who are the same like you. Your colleague, clubmate, team member, roommate. Anyone. But not the one with higher status. The one who is a little more experienced, who is communicative, possitive, responsible, the one who can represent all team if needed.
Let’s talk about our federation this time. The biggest and most important team in our federation is Lithuanian national team. We do have coaches, doctors. There is a president, other authorities, those who are superiors in hierarchy (let’s be honest, there is such) πŸ™‚ Do we have a leader in our team? It is just my opinion, but I strongly believe that we do have, we had him for a long time.

Lukas Kubilius. Our champion, our positive guy, the one who wins but never forgets anyone, the one who talks to everyone and says what is needed, the one who represents opinion of our team to authorities if needed. He is both serious and fun when needed. He is like us but a little different πŸ™‚ Finally – he is the champion, that is also a feature of the leader of the team πŸ™‚

Some day Lukas will go out and there will be a new leader. I have an idea who can be the one πŸ™‚ Guys, any ideas? πŸ™‚

Photos by pufasfoto.lt, Ramune Cekuolyte

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