Varna, Bulgaria, 2nd KWU European championship, great fights, lots of karatekas and friends. This was all about this weekend.

I am sure that everyone enjoyed event and were happy about the results. This time Russia was the one who won 1st place as the team. However, Lithuanians did a good job too! Girls, you proved again what a strong team of women we have! Congrats! Inga Mikstaite, Diana Balsyte and Rima Lisinskaite, you are great! Aneta Meskauskiene, congrats to you too 😉 Guys? Well.. good job but we love being first..😄 You were strong, you were good and I’m sure next time you will be higher on podium 😉

Organizers, thank you for great time! Everyone will agree that KWU knows how to welcome participants and all guests in the best way 😉



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