So so so. Few days passed after 5th KWU Youth World championship. I came back to my routine but still have some great memories and impressions about this huge event 🙂
Well, whatever we do, whatever we say (that most important is the process, not results), we always care so much about the results 🙂 So if we take a look at the final published results, leaders in this championship were very clear. Russia and Japan were two countries that took almost all 1st places, except three Bulgarians, 1 Kazakhstan boy, 1 Swedish and 1 Hungarian girls. We could see some other countries on the podium too, but no doubt that leaders were these.
What was really interesting – to watch how different schools fight to each others. We all understand in tournaments of adults how different fighters of each country fights. I guess often we would be able to guess where the fighter is from even if we couldn’t see the face and hear the name of the fighter and country 🙂 The same situation is with children! Japanese with their way of fighting. Russians with their strong school. Kazakhstan with their both physically strong and technical fighters. And all others with different possible describtions 🙂
I already mentioned few days ago that I didn’t expect these fights to be so interesting. Honestly. I didn’t expect so many great figters. So many different fighters. And smart! I was so excited to see few who felt fight and opponent so well! Yeah, even in adult tournaments there are not many such fighters. But to find even few in 14-15 or 16-17 age groups is amazing. All fighters were really great, but I want to mention one girl. She was 3rd, but she was so exceptional. That’s the best example what means to feel the fight and to feel the opponent. Frida Agnes Westrin, Swedish girl that was different than others. If she continues her path, I am sure we will have great fighter in World arena 🙂
Full contact? This was what I was afraid of 🙂 And? And not afraid anymore. Just few injuries out of 700 fighters. For sure you have to train in this way, you have to get ready for such fights. But if you do? That’s really interesting both for fighters and for audience.
All in all it was great event. Ok, very long 🙂 Maybe more mats was needed for first day. Maybe just semi-finals and finals for second. But faces of children showed all possitive emotions, happiness and joy. That is the most important part. 🙂


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