I’ve been living, studying and working in Denmark for already more than a year. Not a secret, during this period somehow I managed to participate in international karate kyokushin championships. So, what do I have so far during this period? Lithuanian champion, 3rd place in Europe and bronze medal winner in British Open.

But wait…What about my trainings and preparation process?

The first thing that comes to my mind while answering these questions is active lifestyle. Morning runs, cycling, yoga, fresh air, balanced nutritional diet and using the best mean of transportation – foot 😊.

Then it comes the inner motivation and enthusiasm. Why I should run 5 km if I am able to run 10 instead? Why not to do some cardio before the other daily activities? Who will stop me to have a 20 minutes of shadow box before/during/after the run?

Another essential factor of maintaining the fitness level is regular interaction with my coach. His moral support makes everything possible. Besides, he’s the one who prepares the main preparation programmes that could adapt to my daily plans, studies and work. My coach manages to clear my main mistakes, gives advises as for technical combinations, tells which punches or kicks I should highlight and focus on. So, my athletic shape is also in his hands 😉.

Without an exception, it’s a vital importance to find a place where you can meet individuals with the same attitude, worldview and mindset. So, in this case, I found an incredible Muay-Thai – MMA – K1 gym who’s slogan claims: “The home of winners”. This wonderful club not only helps boost the physical shape, but also strengthens my mental power. And those who say that mixing different sports like MMA with karate kyokushin complicates things, I can only disagree and add the fact that the variety of punches, kicks, paces, exercises, drills for stamina, continuous work for different group of muscles makes an athlete more experienced, advanced and stronger from many sides.

Last but not least thing, acting like a human-being and asking for  others to help with the training. Here people always seem welcome to hold a pair of boxing pads, to punch for hardening the body, especially the abs, or just simply to motivate and say out loud motivational expressions.

Even though training “alone” without the team, without the variety of partners, without the ones that have similar goals in the same sport and without the coach from the first glance sounds like “mission impossible”, I still tend to think that this so-called challenge contributes to my self-development. Even having lectures from 8AM until 4PM, studying at home afterwards and finally working until midnight can’t stop me from seeking the highest aims.

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