Some weekends are different than others. Busy, fun, active and just.. great! It is all about last weekend 🙂
So how that great weekend looks like? Firstly, your friend comes to visit you, you both jump in the car, take your dogi with yourself and drive 4 hours from one corner of Switzerland to the other. Why? Because of 10th International Winter Camp. I guess only karate people will understand that 🙂 So you spend a nice two days with “karate family”, share some experience with others and for sure take some from others. Meet great people, what is always so amazing. Thank you all for hospitality and nice time! Well, I have to mention guest instructor Antonio La Salandra who lives crazy interesting life, has lots of titles in sports, experience in different fields and takes part in Hollywood movies related stuff.. That is always an interesting things to listen to and to talk about 🙂
Kind of enough of action (thank you Alessandro Pollimeno for invitation!), time to go back? Well, that’s not how people who use every single minute of life act 😀 On the way back you visit Zurich, Luzern, Bern, have great time there and just then go back home.. Busy? Better to say so much fun! 🙂

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