Summer is for traveling 🙂 life is for this 🙂 This summer I had a possibility to visit Maggiore lake and spend some time in Stresa. First impression – paradise for a little older people.. 🙂 But – again food 🙂

One amazing thing about Stresa – few small islands around. And cozy restaurants with good food there (it’s Italy, it has to be good!) 🙂 You make a reservation, small boat comes to pick you from one of few very small “ports”. You go to your restaurant, can take a walk. Really great. No extra line in the bill for this 🙂 If not talking about food, this experience is already nice.


Food? There are quite many small restaurants. I visited Casabella. Nice place with great view, friendly staff and good food.

What was tried? Roasted octopus with hummus of confit tomato and lemon scent, roasted scallops with potato cream, tandoori oil and toasted pistachios and spaghetti with seafood carbonara. The last one was sooo good that I could take a photo of empty plate only.. It was too good and gone too fast 🙂


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