Ok, have to say few words about Impulse Summit, the conference I had possibility to attend at the beginning of the week in St. Gallen. Why have to say those few words? Because all good initiatives and crazy good job should get positive feedback and compliments. Young and talented people who work hard on them too 🙂

So, Impulse Summit. Firstly, professional organization and really great job of young students of University of St. Gallen should be mentioned. Clemens Kurten, Alexander Schneider and all others got thousands of compliments during those few days and I am adding dozens of them too. Amazing job. I wish all young people had so many great ideas and could turn them into reality in such way. Would like to say ‘perfect’ but keep working, guys! 🙂

Interesting program and speakers, great panels, workshops and presentations. Topics that covered sponsorship and fan engagement, organizational challenges, role of sports in society, investments & innovation in sports. Speakers and guests from Samsung, BVB, Credit Suisse, FIBA, EBU, IOC and many other companies and organizations. I hope next year all of them and many others will agree to come and discuss different sports related topics in the same – very open way.

I have to mention David Eades. If I was asked who could moderate all panels in a better way, I could never ever think of a better person for this. Ok, I can’t be very objective too.. I am from generation which knows very well what TV is and which grew up in front of it (not ipad or iphone) 🙂 And David Eades was one of those BIG names for me 🙂 But everyone I talked to agreed that he did the best job and created huge added value to the conference. Fact.

I guess I have to stop complimenting. However, I strongly believe that good initiatives of talented young people should be mentioned 🙂 I wish all of them to continue this great job and am sure that professionals from sports field will support you next year too 🙂



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