Anyone feels emptiness after this weekend? I guess quite many of us πŸ™‚ Saying ‘us’ I mean karatekas. Yeah, that’s the usual feeling after big events. World championship in weight categories ended.

I was there. I was in a quite strange role for me – spectator (didn’t have such in World championships since 2009). It was interesting to look at everything from the side, to compare, to discuss, to form some opinion from my impressions and from those that I heard from others.

I love positiveness so will start from the positive side πŸ™‚ Championship was organized well and in a very nice city. Transfers, hotels, everything according to the schedule what is very important for fighters every time. Many interesting and impressive fights for audience. Looks like nothing more needed for the tournament to call it perfect? Well, just bigger arena πŸ™‚ Unfortunately not only this.. πŸ™‚

But not a negative part yet πŸ™‚ Time for congratulations. So congrats for those who won, congrats for those who were on podium. For sure for their teams and coaches too. I do have special congratulations. I must mention Salahat Hasanov, the fighter from Azerbaijan who became the only not Japanese World champion. Why is this so special? When you see the Opening ceremony where almost half fighters are from Japan (ok, I overstate a little bit, but almost), you understand that it’s Japan against the World. When you see the judging problems (they really exist and no one should deny that), you understand that this fight Japan vs World is twice bigger and more important. And when we (World) have just one champion? Well, after all we just can be very happy for him, tell him thousands of compliments and say big thanks that he did that πŸ™‚ Salahat is great fighter, he was one of bests for few years already so he did what he had to sooner or later πŸ™‚

For sure congrats for all others, all Japanese champions, all Kazakhstan and Russian prize winners, Georgian and Ukrainian guys who were on podium and for sure biggest congrats go for Lukas Kubilius and Inga Mikstaite, our Lithuanian superstars in kyokushin world πŸ™‚

Problems? The first and the biggest one – judging. We always talk about this, popular topic after each World championship πŸ™‚ What changes after each of them? Kind of nothing.. If you don’t have a wazari and you do have an equal fight with Japanese fighter, you loose. Even if you are better but don’t do a knockout, huge probability that you loose. I haven’t read that in rules but somehow more than half of referees know that rule by heart. Sad. Why? Because fighters work too hard to meet such unfairness on tatami. I will not mention some fighters from other countries, but enough to mention Eventas Guzauskas who somehow lost the fight that was won 100%, Andrius Miseckas who lost because of punches to head that referees not reacted to at all, Gabija Gudeliauskaite who lost just because of the fault of referees. Ruta Brazdzionyte who lost the fight that wasn’t lost at all.. I could say more things but I guess time to stop πŸ˜€

There is one more strange thing when you look at everything from the side. Honestly, when I competed I was just getting ready for the fights and never accepted that too serious. However, when I watched the opening ceremony from the side, that number of fighters from some ‘special’ teams look so strange.. I will not discuss this too much because could say too many thoughts πŸ™‚ But honestly, I can’t think of any logical arguments some regions toΒ be treated as separate regions with so many fighters.

What I didn’t notice and I guess I am lucky about that – live translation. There were quite many negative feedbacks. While I think this is important part. Firstly, it is important to those who are not in the arena and are interested. Secondly, we must try to be more and more interesting for the audience from the side, not only for those who do karate.

We have where to improve πŸ™‚ That is what I wish. While big thanks to organizers and Astana for hospitality and great time there πŸ™‚


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