Everyone has different attitude to food supplements and vitamins. It depends on sports you do, on coach who trains you, on your body too. On your habbits and the way you look at this too 🙂
I am the one who reached best results without almost any food supplements and vitamins.. Or later with just very few of them. I always felt ok, my body could tolerate hard trainings, I recovered very well after two intensive trainings a day. So I never felt big need to take much additional “energy” 🙂 Ok ok, maybe it is not good, there are many different theories. However, I always felt best with my theory – listen to your body. What is more, I was always afraid to become manlike.. While I believed that some food supplements can lead to this even a little more 🙂 What I tried to do – to take some basic vitamins on preparation period. That’s it.
Few years ago I became more “stable” with my habbits related to all this 🙂 I found something what I believe in and what makes me feel ok. Something what doesn’t include any unnecesary “extras”, has all basics I need and is synonym of health, not of muscles (what I am afraid of :D). I started using german food supplements Orthomol. Mostly I take those for athletes and active people – Orthomol Sport. Check. My recommendations 🙂 Many sports doctors recommend this too 🙂


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