I am always trying to prove that fighter doesn’t mean not educated, not intelectual or not working person in life 🙂 I don’t say that everyone thinks like this. But happens. Yeah, it is never needed to prove anything to anyone. I know that it is not necessary and “let everyone think what they want”. But I am the one who wants to make people understand what is karate, who do karate and what it is about.
I grew up in a family where education was the most important. If you was the best at school, then you could do other activities. Any activities you wanted 🙂 So I graduated from school with best marks (“red diploma”). I do have bachelors degree in economics and masters degree in banking. And this is not something unusual in our federation and national team.
Our super heavy weight champion and amazing person Lukas Kubilius has bachelors degree in economics and … almost masters degree in law 🙂 My clubmate, friend and European championship silver medal winner Vytautas Cepla will be PhD. Focus in surface chemistry and regenerative hydrogels. Very soon. Sounds impressive? Our light weight guy, my friend from childhood Jonas Eimontas is in process of PhD in Psychology. Our handsome young champion Antanas Klibavicius is a graduate pharmatist. European champion and Top 8 fighter in World championship Ruta Brazdzionyte has master degree in rehabilitation. And I mentioned just few.
So remind me, who said that fighters are not educated? Lithuanian national team is 😉
Sometimes I even think this is one more reason why our sport is so popular – I would also like the fact that my child does the sport surrounded by educated and if not clever, then even smart people 🙂

Photos by pufasfoto.lt, R.Mizeras photography

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