Those who fight with best friends in high level tournaments will understand me. Those who ask about this will get an answer (hope so) 🙂
Question: How do you feel when you have to fight with your good friend? (People ask it sooo often!!!)
Answer: Ok 🙂
Explanation: When you are in karate world for 20 or more years it happens that you find friends here. Happens that those friends become your very good friends. And yes, sometimes we have to fight against each other in national or international tournaments. Or even “worse” – in European championships.
But let’s look from the other side. We do karate for 20 or more years. We work very hard in trainings. We train so much to reach best results. If we fight in national or international tournaments we try to do our best. If we fight in European championships we try to do our best too. For sure.
Of course we don’t want to fight with each other. But do we have any thoughts about “how to be more gentle to someone?” It’s not logical. Ok, maybe not to injure very hard or not to do big damage – maybe you can think this for 1 second. In 3 minutes it’s already too much 🙂 In extentions – no other thoughts except how to win and remain alive :))
Before fight? If you look at what you do professionally, you just wish good luck to each other and go to do your job 🙂 After fight? If that person is your friend for sure, you congratulate him/her or vice versa.
Some examples? Ruta Brazdzionyte and me. We are very good friends, we were both light weight fighters (Ruta changed few years ago) and had to fight against each other in few finals of European championships. Feeling? We just did what we had to. And celebrated after 🙂

Nora Vaznelyte and Diana Balsyte. Two friends showing best results in … a little bigger weight 🙂 I liked how Nora explained this 🙂 “Of course it’s much better to fight against someone who is not a friend. You can show your spirit, character easier. But the wish to win is the biggest wish always” 🙂 Agree.

Any more examples? Or any other opinions? Here – just few 🙂
P.S. I’m not talking about team members or team friends 🙂 I’m talking about very good friends in life 🙂

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