Something what I miss a lot in Switzerland is karate world. Yes, honestly. And I have an answer to those who say ‘so find a dojo there’. No no, I miss my people, my coach, preparation, that atmosphere.

So what can I do? Two options: nothing or something 😄 To be more serious, at the end of November I am going to European open weight championship in Budapest. November 23-24 are The Days. The days to meet all karate friends and feel that atmosphere that I am missing a lot. For sure to support my team and all others as well 😉

Final list of Lithuanian fighters was approved on Sunday during national team camp. While the overall list of all competitors of championship looks very strong, I am already looking forward to draws and fights. Many top level fighters from few countries but let’s take a look at Lithuanian names. Men? Vytautas Cepla, Edgard Secinski, Eventas Guzauskas, Antanas Klibavicius and Kestutis Radvila. Yes, those who follow kyokushin karate tournaments understand that all these guys will be a tough task for others and I am sure we will see Lithuanian(s) on podium 🙂 Girls? Quite many of them! Inga Mikstaite, Monika Ryzkovaite, Ruta Brazdzionyte, Nora Vaznelyte, Diana Balsyte, Aneta Meskauskiene, Skaiste Venckute, Erika Zeburtovic, Erika Ruksenaite, Brigita Gustaityte and Rima Lisinskaite. And again – competition will be tough, however, I hope Lithuanians again will prove how strong we are. Oh, and will not forget to prove that saying by Romas Vitkauskas that I love “Our Lithuanian girls are strong, beautiful and smart” 😀

So good luck to everyone! See you very soon!

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