Finally it’s April. Finally it’s European championship in a few days. Feeling is always similar – looks like preparation period lasts for ages, however, it also looks like condition is never good enough 🙂 But when you feel this every single year, it becomes normal 🙂 So April 8-9th are the big days. Saturday – for those who compete in kata and 16-18 age group, Sunday – adults’ day.

Firstly, I am proud to announce that Lithuania, as always, has a full team what means that we and Poland are the biggest teams in championship with 41 competitors each. Ukraine has a big team too (39 fighters) and Hungary is 4th according to the size with 33 fighters. 25 countries are taking part in European championship this year. Competition will be really big and tough due to the fact that this is final selection for World championship in Astana which will be held on July 1-2 this year.

So we can see many champions and well-known names in the list. Who are they? Valeri Dimitrov, Maciej Mazur, Edgard Secinski, Eventas Guzauskas, Brian Jakobsen and many other great fighters in +85 kg category, Valdemaras Gudauskas, Marius Ilas, Vytautas Cepla, both guys from Azerbaijan who took 3rd places last year, Vasil Vangelov, strong figter from Hungary, Ukraine and other countries in 75-85 kg category. Next? 65-75kg is not easier at all with Salahat Hasanov, both Lithuanians (Andrius Miseckas ir Domas Sutkus), Jimmie Collins, guys from Georgia, Ukraine who always do good job in medium weight category. And light weight with long list of fighters where we can see Andrei Zinchenko, Georgi Lotarov, Valeh Jafarov from 2016 top 3 and many others.

Girls? One thing that everyone knows already – Szepesi Csenge is not in the list due to very nice personal reasons 🙂 Congrats, girl! 😉 So we will have a new champion in “super heavy weight” (funny name for +60kg). Quite many candidates could say 🙂 Viviana Chirila is back and she’s always very good, both Polish girls, both Lithuanians. Well, good luck 🙂 -60kg? Again – the one who was champion last year and many many times – Inga Mikstaite – is not in the list. But two other Lithuanians were in TOP8 in World championship, it means something 🙂 Marta Lubos changed category and she’s here this year. I am sure girls from Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden, Ukraine will try to do their best too. -55kg will not be easy at all too. Tough list with finalists of last year Zsofia Szabo and Isis Pinilla, Veronika Nemeth, we, Lithuanians :), also very good Ukrainians.. -50kg, still new category and I guess Violeta Litovska is considered as a leader here 🙂 However, I think it won’t be a very easy task to beat both ambitious Lithuanians, Polish and Spanish girls and others.

I am not so brave this time to predict who will reach the finals in most categories. Any ideas? What I can do – concentrate and wish fair and good fights to everyone 😉

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