Long preparation, crazy trainings, weight control, adrenaline.. All this for one day – European championship which was held this weekend in Wroclaw, Poland. I guess everyone came back home already 🙂 With awards or without but with great impressions and emotions for sure. So how was it?

I have to start this time with the video of the last fight of the championship. Men +95 kg category, final fight, Eventas Guzauskas vs Brian Jacobsen. Best fight of the tournament? 🙂

So my biggest congratulations, Eventas! One more title in the list 🙂 European champion in open weight category, now in heavy weight. What’s next? 🙂 Great job Inga and Skaiste! And sure greetings to all Lithuanian team and all other teams and fighters!

What about the tournament? Organizers did a good job! We saw some changes this time – no tameshiwari, no decisions according to weight difference. Is it good or bad? I guess audience like tameshiwari, however it takes time. Honestly, I was quite happy that no tameshiwari was happening, competition lasted long enough even without this part..:) Weight difference? When weight categories in women division are every 5 kg maybe there is no need to decide the winner according to weight difference. From men point of view? Not easy to say. This is something new, I hope teams knew that in advance 🙂 And the fact is that referees had more responsibility this time.

Any other changes? Yes, award ceremony 🙂 Two categories awarded every two finals. Yes, audience is still in arena, athletes get applause and attention while being awarded. Yes, there are more emotions being awarded just after the fight (saying that as a fighter who experienced this type of award ceremony). However, there is a feeling of a chaos when you are a part of the audience.. I am sure this is a good format just few details could be organized better 🙂 What else? Trophies! A nice medal, no cup. Olympic style? 🙂 Well, let it be. However, I love my room in parents’ place where all my trophies “live” 🙂 Half room of them, I love that 😀 But if Olympic style, then Olympic style 🙂

And one more thing.. I am really waiting for a day when we will advertise big events much more, have full venues, no empty seats and more effort put into spectators experience. Yes, that is needed. And please, let’s do that.

Poland, thank you! And see you next year in Lithuania! Yes, EC2019 will be held in our country 🙂 We will do our best as well, I am sure about that 🙂

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