“Enjoy and love the life you live” – yes, I think we have to live like this 🙂 We have to smile, we must make others smile, we have to take all possibilities life offers us and if we accept them, we must enjoy them!

Almost a month ago I had amazing experience – I was invited to the camp in Varna, Bulgaria. I met many nice people there. One of them – a great guy from a great website www.superkarate.ru 🙂 We had conversation about sport, my karate career, camp, cars, dolphins and many other things 🙂 We talked about my life I really love and enjoy

Kwu camp 1 image

Results of our honest conversation are here http://superkarate.ru/inter/7935-rita-pivoryunaite-kyokushin.html (for those who prefer english)

And here http://superkarate.ru/inter/7932-rita-pivoriunaite-kyokushin.html (for my Russian friends :))


Photos by superkarate.ru

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