Just recently we were excitedly waiting for European Open Weight Championship and right now, we are back home, resting and rethinking our performances. The tournament was full of surprises and unexpected endings. Even some of the best fighters of Europe had to leave Budapest without trophies and give the ticket of World Championship to someone else. No doubts, all athletes were worth winning and only those who wanted it most, got it!

Congratulations to all the winners and, in general, to everyone who participated and did their best! As I’m pretty sure champions are celebrated anyways, I want to talk about those who lost this time.

Sometimes life doesn’t go as we have planned. And maybe it shouldn’t? Some handle it with regrets and some try to be positive and happy. As for me, I was also one of those who lost, even in the first fight. For a person who most of the times win, it might be a bit “ouch”. Yes, absolutely, no excuse, a loss is a loss. However, I strongly disagree that it’s something very disappointing. Even better, sometimes it’s very healthy because after that, we strive for a win even more than before. Sometimes we may question ourselves, what did I do wrong that it went this way? Self- analysis is always a good starting point to get to know more about ourselves, and it makes us develop mentally! So cmon guys, cheer up and go get some proper rest as well as a tasty meal haha. We all did our best and we deserved it.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but everything happens for a reason! Our goal is to find out this reason! 🙂

And then become winners again…


In the end, I want to congratulate our teammate Eventas for the spectacular knockout. It seems like it’s becoming a tradition in each tournament to surprise us with the knockouts. We are very proud of you!

I’m also very happy for other SHODAN girls, Erika and Monika, who had beautiful fights.

Moreover, I want to say big Thank You to our coach, Lukas Kubilius, for his time and effort to prepare us for the tournament.


Here are some memories from great time in Budapest…

E. Gužausko nokautas

Lietuviai, tradiciškai, mums dovanoja nemažai efektingų vaizdų. Šio autorius – Eventas Gužauskas!Filmavo: Jūratė Martinkėnaitė

Posted by Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation on 2018 m. Lapkritis 24 d., Šeštadienis


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