Raise hands who had a busy week 😀 I did! Started to remember what it means studies 🙂 Schedules, programmes, information, all that kind of stuff. I guess it sounds worse than it is 🙂 Interesting week! And some really new and amazing experiences.

Friday was a day of 5,3 km Olympic run and of something new, something what I have never did before. Who has tried Curling? Yes yes, that Olympic sport with stones on ice 🙂 Honestly, I was interested to try it but not too excited about those upcoming two hours. I even don’t know why but imagined this sport to be very monotonous and passive. However, from the first minute of training I enjoyed every moment of it! Technique, accuracy, coordination, smart decisions – all this and much more makes this sport so interesting!

Two teams, each with four players, heavy eight stones for each team which have to be slided not too strong, not too weak and straight to the middle of circle on the other side of the area. Scores are given to a team whose stones are nearest the center of the circle. And believe me, it sounds not as interesting and catching as it really is! 🙂 I have never imagined that curling is such amazing sport!